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Java, Spring, Node.js, AdonisJs, React.js and Flutter developer

1. Presentation plugin

What will be covered in this article:

  • Prerequisites
  • Installation
  • Implementing draggable item
  • Implementing droppable item
  • Creatin kanban board
  • Adding multiple draggable items
  • Make items sortable in the column
  • Mobile version of drag and drop
  • Refactor before adding drop restrictions
  • Adding drop restrictions

Before we will start our journey, let’s see what we will get at the end (gif):

Creating HTTP/REST file

Create a new maven project

Function declaration

  • you can declare a simple function with brackets or you can declare a simplified notation if your function logic is chained:
  • if you set a question mark ? after a function argument, it means that it can be null;
  • if you function returns nothing/void you can set a return type of your function as Unit. In Kotlin Unit = void;

What will be covered in this article:

  • No “public static void main”
  • Creating an instance
  • High-order functions and lambdas
  • If-else
  • Null safety
  • No switch statement/When expression
  • Try/catch/finally
  • Ranges

No “public static void main”

public static void main(...){}
  • we didn’t declare a class Kotlin will do that for us by…

What is single-spa?

What will be covered in this article?

  • Creating single-spa root config
  • Creating single-spa React application
  • Adding links to shared modules
  • Adding link to the navbar-app module
  • Registering application
  • Setting custom port and starting the configured app

You might ask: “Story about AngularJS (v1.x)’ in 2021, really?”.

What will be covered in this article?

  • Creating simplest project
  • Data binding expressions
  • Controllers
  • Directives
  • Filters
  • Fragments/Components
  • Services
  • Routing

Artem Diashkin

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